Sunday, September 25, 2011

Slow Cooker Sundays

Since the weather is finally cooling down, I have been very eager to start cooking in the crock pot. I love the smell of food cooking all day as the leaves outside are changing colors and falling. I am going to make this a Sunday tradition. Last week, I made a Chicken Posole soup; it was delicious! It had diced tomatoes, hominy, chicken, and onions in it. Even though these one pot meals make so much food, it is great to have the leftovers for the following week. There is currently a vegetable and tortellini soup in the slow cooker right now. I am just waiting for my date, Greg, to come over and enjoy the meal with me. I bought some cornbread from Whole Foods that we are going to eat with it. I have never eaten it from there before, but it looks delicious.
Dinner for tonight. Yum!
We'll see what I come up with next Sunday! :)

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