Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spaghetti Squash is the New Pasta!

I remember way back in the day my mom made spaghetti squash as a side dish and I absolutely loved it! I always forgot about this delicious food, until now! I finally bought a squash yesterday at the store and decided to cook it tonight. I figured that whatever I make with angel hair I could easily make with the squash. I roasted it in the oven at 375 degrees for an hour and 20 mins and it was perfect! While the squash was cooling off I made a brown butter sauce with sauteed onions. I know the sauce doesn't sound too healthy, but I saved 180 calories for the pasta subsititution! And isn't there a saying, "Everything is good in moderation?" Ha :) If I'm telling you to switch from spaghetti to spagehtti squash you know it must be good; just see for yourself. Oh yeah, I also added a few pieces of turkey meatballs just to amp up the flavor a little bit.

I just need to work on my plating skills ;)

*~*Happy Holidays*~*

I figured I would post about the holidays once everything settled down. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Columbus, Georgia with Greg to spend Christmas with him and his family. My dad and sister, Courtney, had to work on Christmas, so our family wasn't going to celebrate it until later in the week. My mom was nice enough to take care of Dunky on Christmas, so I dropped him off and then Greg and I were on our way. We enjoyed a nice Christmas Eve opening gifts and eating delicious crabcakes made by Greg's mom. Greg got me some awesome hiking/climbing gear including a backpack, a Patagonia long sleeve shirt, and other devices to help with my new rock climbing hobby! On Christmas morning, Greg, his family, and I went to church. When we returned back to Greg's parents house we munched on some delicious and cheesy fondue, yum! We went to Greg's sister and brother-in-law's house after and ate even more food. It's Christmas, so it's a totally legitimate excuse to eat double the amount you normally do! :)

Enjoying our time at Christi and Tommy's house.
 Since my mom was taking care of Duncan, Greg and I planned to leave on the 26th to relieve my mom's hands of my annoying  lovable dog. We were in the car turning onto the highway, when BAM, we got T-boned. Greg didn't realize that one of the cars coming our way was not actually turning onto the highway. When I realized this car was continuing to drive straight, all I could do was yell Greg's name and closed my eyes. Everything happened too quickly to even prepare for impact. I had never been in a car accident before, and needless to say it was very scary! Greg felt horrible and asked me right away if I was OK. I was still in shock of everything so I said yes. Turns out my neck and left shoulder hurt pretty badly. Once we figured out a way to get back to Atlanta I paid my dad a visit at Kennestone while he was working. Nothing major was wrong with me except whiplash; which I never knew hurt so bad! We are very fortunate that everyone was OK!
The damage done to where the car hit his truck was not too bad, but this is what happened when we spun around and hit the stoplight pole.

A bit blurry, but this is the car that hit us. We are so glad they were OK!

 After we rested our sore backs for a couple of days, we went up to my parents' house on the 29th to celebrate Christmas with them; it was so great! It felt just like Christmas day. I'm so glad Greg got to be a part of it. The next night we went to 246 in downtown Decatur and enjoyed a delicious dinner for Ryan's 30th birthday. New Year's Eve was the next night, obviously, and it was great! I went to my friend's awesome apartment and then we headed to a local bar that wasn't too crowded, which is a huge bonus! It was an awesome night with great people.

Happy New Year!
 Now I sit here typing this post savoring the last couple of hours of my amazing winter break! Back to the working world tomorrow! I hope everyone had a safe, happy, and fun holiday. Here's to an incredible 2012!