Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Tease!

You might be wondering what I am thinking is such a tease...the weather! This was the most beautiful weekend we have had in a very long time. The only problem is, it's the end of January!! If it was the end of March I would be feeling a lot better about things. I definitely savored every moment of the abnormally high January temps. I hit up the dog park at Piedmont Park on both Saturday and today. It was crazy crowded and it was actually kind of difficult to keep my eye on Dunk. He had the best time and was enjoying the weather just as much as I was. He got to go to the park again today AND I took him on a walk around Chastain. He definitely had his exercise for the day. A tired, well exercised boxer makes for a very happy and productive mom. Duncan also did quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen him do. I will try to make this story as short as possible. I was walking on the sidewalk on the street that runs alongside the golf course at Chastain when I noticed a group of about 4 people crowded around something. I thought maybe it was a runner that had fallen or something, considering it was a lot warmer than usual. When I got closer I noticed it was a dog and my stomach dropped because I really didn't want to see a dog that had just been hit by a car. As we got closer I heard someone say that the dog DID NOT get hit. What happened is the dog got loose from her owner and was running alongside the road with her leash on. Her leash got caught around a telephone pole and it yanked her backwards. I didn't see any of this happen, but was told by a witness. Well, Duncan knew that something was wrong and did everything he could to get to the very scared dog. I let Duncan go see what was up, but I was not expecting him to crouch down and lay right next to the other dog. Since I felt like he was in the way I pulled him up and began to walk away. He wasn't having that. He was pulling so hard towards the dog that I had no other choice but to let him go near her again. This time he laid right near her face (tail wagging the whole time) and then rested his head on her back. It's crazy that animals have that instinct to know when something is wrong. He wanted so badly to make her feel better and not scared anymore. The owners finally drove by, got their dog, and everyone lived happily ever after! :) It was an extremely awesome weekend, and I can't wait until more like this!

Duncan enjoying the weather!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanks, Court!

Two posts in one night= awesome! After I did my last post I went on my sister's blog and saw that she had changed her background to a very vibrant spring-like one. I then went back and looked at mine and it just made me feel cold. I also felt like I have had my fair share of snow and coldness, so I really couldn't look at it anymore. I think I started searching for a new layout at about 10:00, and now it's 10:45 and WAY passed my bedtime! I thank Courtney for making me realize how frigid and dreary my blog was looking. This is a nice update that I think I will have for a while; however, I really like updating the background and colors so it probably won't be up for as long as I would think. Hope you enjoy it! Time for bed. Good night :)

Sorry for Slacking!

Wow, I have totally slacked at updating my blog for a solid week! Sorry! So in regards to my last post, I totally was not expecting to have a week off from work, yes a week! Since I knew it was 100% that it was going to snow on Sunday night I tried to figure out where I wanted to get 'snowed in.' I chose my parents' house because I figured it would be better to get stuck with other people around. It was a very good decision! When it started snowing, it was coming down HARD and it was really nice to be around my mom to experience it with. The predictions the weather made were actually spot on, which usually does not happen! I took Duncan out at about 9:45 p.m. and it was snowing really hard, but it was only sticking on the grass, trees, and back deck. About 20 minutes later (no joke) I looked out the window and the streets were completely covered! It probably snowed about three inches in 2 hours; needless to say I got the phone call that school would be closed. Little did I know it would be closed the next day, and next day, and next day....and so on. If it wasn't for the ice it would have been great! By Wednesday I had total "cabin fever" and really wanted to get back to my apartment as I had some things to do around my home. I took the chance, despite the continued icy conditions, and made the adventure back to Atlanta. And boy, was it an adventure! I took the back route out of the neighborhood so I would not slide down the front hill into either the guard house or the Chattahoochee River. Well, the back route wasn't easy either. There was a slight incline and my 2000 Honda Passport without 4WD decided it would be fun to go ice skating for 25 minutes. I gained speed before I went over the ice, but it wasn't enough. I stepped on the acceleration a tiny bit, and nothing but skidage. Finally a good Samaritan actually pushed me off the ice...thank you!! I enjoyed my time off for the most part, but making up the days will be a bit of a pain. I can definitely say that the thought of another snow day actually makes me cringe. I'm sure in a couple weeks I will feel differently, though. I am going to attempt to upload a video of one of my adventures during the "Winter Storm 2011." Hopefully I don't go so long without posting again! Thanks to everyone who reads this for being so patient!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why 'Milk and Bread?'

Ok, so if you live in the south right now you know we are about to have a "very large winter storm." It's kind of funny because the combination of about 2 inches of snow and ice really makes everyone go crazy. I would totally understand if they were calling for this storm to last about 4 days, but it's really only supposed to last one. Of course I can't complain because I work for a school system... and you know what that means, no work! I am just so confused on why people go out and buy bread and milk. Do people sit around and eat bread and drink milk?? I had to run to target to get one ingredient for dinner and pretty much all of the bread and milk was gone- If only I had my camera! I totally understand if you are running out of those two items already, but if you're not....why?? Oh and let me say this again, it's only supposed to last one... maybe two days! I think people can go that long without bread and milk. The only thing I got because of the weather were some bones for Duncan to be occupied with. I also heard someone ask, "Where are the flashlights? I know a lot of them were sold out at other stores." Really?? I mean I love all of the hype, but sometimes it's a little ridiculous! Something else that is a little annoying is the fact that every county but the ones surrounding metro Atlanta are closed. Seriously, I have never seen so many school closings before! I know Fulton will be closed, but why wait so long to let us know? Welp, I'm gonna cook dinner, head on up to the rents, and hopefully enjoy the snow that they are calling for! Over n' out... or is over 'n out?! Oh well!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some New Additions

Before I begin my post I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I had a great NYE with my friends and am very optimistic for what 2011 has in store for me! This past week my mom and I went to Homegoods to look for a lamp to put on top of this awesome end table I got for Christmas. As we were walking through the store I spotted this amazing accent chair. All I had in my apartment at the time was a couch; not much seating for guests. When I spotted this chair, I knew I had to have it! If the good price didn't excite me enough, the sign that said "I recline" sure did! The colors in the chair go perfectly with the colors I already have in my apartment. Unfortunately, the pillows that I had purchased to go on my couch are a bit busy now with the addition of the chair. I was able to turn them around so the solid color is on the front and the pattern is on the back. I will definitely be buying some other ones...but probably next month when I have money. Needless to say, I'm really going to be stretching my money this month, but I could not resist this chair. I also got a 10% discount because there was a spot on the arm that my mom was able to get out very easily-an added bonus! I also got this awesome floor lamp and a shower curtain! It's crazy that I have lived in my apartment for 3 months and have only had a shower liner! I loved being at my cozy apartment before, but now with the chair, lamp, and end table I don't want to leave! It's crazy how much a lamp can make something feel so much more homey. Now all I need are some visitors! :)
The chair!

Obsessed with this!

So cozy! There is a little boy peaking through the coffee table!