Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Here!

Just checking in to let everyone know that I am still here! There haven't been many things that required me to post, so I thought I'd wait for something to come along. Well, there actually is a post I am planning on doing about my parents' new kitchen. You might think it's odd to post about a kitchen, but my mom has been wanting a new kitchen for probably 10-15 years, NO JOKE! I am just so excited about it, that I want to share with peeps. The reason I am not posting it yet, is because my sister Courtney hasn't seen the finished product yet. The before and after pictures are a complete transformation. I am SO happy for my mom and dad (he gets all the delicious Lllllllllunches and dinners) that I couldn't pass up the future post. One more small thing that is going on with me is I'm trying a whole new concept of eating, to me at least. This is definitely not a new concept, but something that I have not tried to do enough- eat MORE fruits and veggies. There is a whole book called Eat for Health that tells you exactly how to get comfortable with this process. Side note: I had this whole blog post typed up and went to publish it. My Internet stopped working and I lost the rest of it. I really don't feel like typing it all again, so to make my food overhaul story short, I will say that I have been craving fruit and vegetables when I get home from work now! Another side note: Either it's my computer or this website, but sometimes the words do not show up when I type until about 2 minutes after I'm done typing, and that is .... annoying!! If you have more questions about the Eat for Health book and how you can build up your macronutrient intake, please comment on this post! :)

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