Sunday, May 8, 2011


Wow! It is so much harder to keep up with this blog than I ever expected! Rather than doing 5 posts about things that went on last month, I figured I'd just include everything at once. The first week of April marked my Spring Break. I didn't go out of town or anything, but I actually had a really good time! Two of my good girlfriends, Lisa and Jessica, came over to my apartment one day to lounge at the pool. We made some delicious fruity cocktails and bronzed ourselves. In the middle of the week I met Greg and some of his coworkers for lunch at Fox Brother's BBQ. Oh my gosh! What a fattening amazing meal. Three of us all got the same thing: a brisket "burger" with pimento cheese, bacon, tomato, etc I highly recommend it! One evening while I was hanging out at Greg's he showed me this Almond Filling Sweet Bread mix his mom had given him for Christmas. I looked at the directions on the back of the box and realized that it was a full on baking process. I had never baked anything before (no, cookies that you cut off a roll and 'bake' in the oven don't count). Greg thought it would be a good idea for me to do it one day while he was at work, and I was up for a little challenge in the kitchen. The box came with four ingredients: the bread mix, the almond filling, the glaze, and the yeast packet. I open the box and pull out ingredients 1, 2, and 3. Where is ingredient 4? No yeast packet?! My first baking experience was off to a bad start. Well, I ended up waiting a whole day to get the yeast from the store because I had just come from the store and really didn't feel like going back. I got the yeast and crossed my fingers that the measurement was accurate. I made the dough, let it rise, rolled it out, filled it, and put it in the oven. Lisa had the joy of being at my place when it came out of the oven, and I must say it was actually pretty good! 

This is the finished product! Mmmmm
Let's see, what else happened in April? Greg and I went a Braves game the last weekend of my Spring Break and saw the Avett Brothers afterwards. It was so much fun! Oh yeah, the night before the Braves game we went to Rome for one of Greg's friend's wedding showers. It was on Berry's campus and it was a pretty perfect night. There was delicious food, refreshing drinks, and horseshoes. During Easter weekend I went to Columbus to meet Greg's parents. Unfortunately, I was feeling a little under the weather, but I just pushed that to the side and enjoyed my weekend. On Saturday, we went over to Christi's (Greg's sister) boyfriend's house and went out on Lake Harding in his boat. We had a blast!

Lake Harding
 Needless to say April was a very good month. May (this month) is going to be busy and very fun! Hopefully I will do a post sooner rather than later! 

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