Sunday, November 28, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

I was originally going to do a post on Thanksgiving, but I didn't have my computer with me. I am thankful for some many things! I am thankful for: My parents- I would not be the person I am today without their constant love and support, My sisters (Ryan and Courtney)- Two of the best sisters/friends a girl could ask for; this sounds super cheesy, but they are my world, My friends- It's not about quantity it's about quality; I have the best group of really great friends, and My dog- Although I can get extremely annoyed and frustrated with his puppy antics, he is always there to make me smile. Ok, so I do have to be a little selfish and explain some material things I am thankful for. I am extremely thankful for my cell phone and car. Even though I am still sporting a Blackberry (not a  Droid or iPhone), I still love it! My car is still kickin' it with about 130,000 miles on it! It's the car I have had since I was 16, and I will drive it until it can no longer move! Oh yeah, one more thing I don't want to leave out that I am thankful for....FOOD! I am what you could consider a "foodie." I will try just about anything once. My thanksgiving meal was D-lish! 
A beautiful walk on a beautiful Thanksgiving day!

Pumpkin and apple pie- YUM!