Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My View

Wow! Courtney informed me of websites that have free blog backgrounds. I told myself I was just going to keep the background that I had, but I was just too curious so I looked at a few websites. Well, that just occupied about 30 minutes of my time. My dinner is still sitting in the microwave, because I am so intrigued by all of the different options (Fortunalely, this has caused me to refrain from eating seconds...I'm satisfied from my first helping)!

Ok, on to the actual reason why I am posting again. I found that work this semester has really been tiring me out. It's a pretty crazy school year. I am usually in bed by 9:30 or 10:00; however, I am still SUPER tired when I wake up (at 5:30). Aren't weekends the time to sleep in? Nope!  When you have a puppy that needs to be taken out at 7:30 in the morning, sleeping in doesn't exactly exist. I let Duncan out, feed him and then crawl back into my extremely cozy bed. Although it seems like I would fall right asleep, I don't. Duncan likes to jump on my bed after he eats and enjoys giving me a very wet kiss (from the water he drinks after his breakfast). This is super cute and it is something I anticipate every weekend now, but he is constantly jumping on and off my bed. He will jump on the bed, snuggle up and sleep for about 20 minutes (This cycle continues until I finally decide to get out of bed).

On Saturday (or Sunday- I can't remember), the view that I saw outside my living room window was enough to wake me up and put me in a very vibrant, pleasant mood. The first thing I did was grab my camera. The leaves against the clouds looked way too pretty to ignore. I am lucky to have a top floor unit in my apartment complex which is equipped with a very large window- it is one my many favorite features of my new place. I know this post is getting long, but I would like to brag a bit. I do not live in one of those swanky apartment complexes with a resort style pool or enclosed hallways with elevators. I live in a very traditional complex, complete with all the necessities: a pool, work out room, a gate, and parking; I actually got lucky and live in a renovated unit for the price of the original design- woohoo! Duncan is the best roommate I could have, and I enjoy everything about my apartment! Well.... maybe not the FIVE flights of stairs I have to go up a down. But I can consider that my exercise...right??
This view definitely put a smile on my face at 7:20 am.


Older complexes = more trees! 

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