Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Curly to Straight...Back to Curly

Most of you who read this blog know me as having curly hair who decided to get it chemically straightened. For those of you who know me as only having straight hair, you might be surprised! When I tell people I have naturally REALLY curly hair, I don't think people understand how curly my hair is--- See below!
Natural Hair
I actually got very fed up with my hair and made the big decision to get it thermally reconditioned (AKA Japanese Straightening). The first time I did it, I LOVED it! I did not regret it at all, and still don't! Unfortunately, the cost is out of control. Because of this, I decided to go to a place off of Buford Highway that I had heard of from an acquaintance. Little did I know there were different "strengths" of the product that was used on my hair. The first time I got it done, the hair stylist didn't use the top strength, so I still had some wave in it. Well, the person on Buford Highway used the complete strength because it was stick straight!! I actually didn't mind it at all because it only took me about 5 minutes to blow dry it and I didn't have to straighten it as opposed to about 30...no joke! The picture below shows my hair at its straightest.
Super Straight!
I have had my hair straight for about 4 years. I have absolutely loved it, but I am really missing my curls. About a year ago I decided I wanted to go back to my roots. Since the Japanese straightening just grows out, I figured that would be really hard to do- half super straight, half very curly...hmmm? My hair stylist recommended Keratin. It is a product that takes away 50% of the curl, all of the frizz, AND it washes out after about 4 months! It has been the "easiest" way to do it. However; my hair is about 2/3 of one texture: wavy and it is annoying!! I'm going to let the following pictures do the talking!

This is what my hair looks like when it air dries. Interesting...right??

I don't normally get it this straight. This is about 25 minutes after sectioning it off, drying and then straightening each section. Ugh!
 I am SO ready to get back to my curly hair! Unfortunately, I don't think my hair will ever be as curly as it was before, but if I never have to pay $$$ to get my hair done again, I will be HAPPY! I was thinking, is it easier to go back to your natural hair color or texture?? Definitely color, because going back to your texture is annoying! I cannot wait to get the last bit of straight cut off! Hopefully by summer I will have natural beachy waves! :) 


  1. Oh the joys of straightening! My hair is naturally wavey/curly. Just this in between unruly mop. I use Keratin serum on my hair before I blow dry it so its like getting a mini Keratin treatment everyday. It helps my hair lay flat when I straighten it. Try that when you get your curls back when you just want to go straight for the day! Hope it grows out soon!

  2. I love the picture of when it air dried! I wish my hair did that!! Such pretty waves! xoxoxo

  3. My hair has changed sooo much since high school and it looks JUST like yours when it dries naturally!! Crazy! I have actually really loved it because there are some days that I can actually leave the house with wet hair and let it dry naturally.. gasp!! Although, mine changed from pregnancy, not a straightener. Your hair is awesome! I miss the really tight curly curls sometimes too.