Monday, January 24, 2011

Sorry for Slacking!

Wow, I have totally slacked at updating my blog for a solid week! Sorry! So in regards to my last post, I totally was not expecting to have a week off from work, yes a week! Since I knew it was 100% that it was going to snow on Sunday night I tried to figure out where I wanted to get 'snowed in.' I chose my parents' house because I figured it would be better to get stuck with other people around. It was a very good decision! When it started snowing, it was coming down HARD and it was really nice to be around my mom to experience it with. The predictions the weather made were actually spot on, which usually does not happen! I took Duncan out at about 9:45 p.m. and it was snowing really hard, but it was only sticking on the grass, trees, and back deck. About 20 minutes later (no joke) I looked out the window and the streets were completely covered! It probably snowed about three inches in 2 hours; needless to say I got the phone call that school would be closed. Little did I know it would be closed the next day, and next day, and next day....and so on. If it wasn't for the ice it would have been great! By Wednesday I had total "cabin fever" and really wanted to get back to my apartment as I had some things to do around my home. I took the chance, despite the continued icy conditions, and made the adventure back to Atlanta. And boy, was it an adventure! I took the back route out of the neighborhood so I would not slide down the front hill into either the guard house or the Chattahoochee River. Well, the back route wasn't easy either. There was a slight incline and my 2000 Honda Passport without 4WD decided it would be fun to go ice skating for 25 minutes. I gained speed before I went over the ice, but it wasn't enough. I stepped on the acceleration a tiny bit, and nothing but skidage. Finally a good Samaritan actually pushed me off the ice...thank you!! I enjoyed my time off for the most part, but making up the days will be a bit of a pain. I can definitely say that the thought of another snow day actually makes me cringe. I'm sure in a couple weeks I will feel differently, though. I am going to attempt to upload a video of one of my adventures during the "Winter Storm 2011." Hopefully I don't go so long without posting again! Thanks to everyone who reads this for being so patient!

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  1. I love that video!! I love Duncan running down the hill! Cute new background, too. :)