Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why 'Milk and Bread?'

Ok, so if you live in the south right now you know we are about to have a "very large winter storm." It's kind of funny because the combination of about 2 inches of snow and ice really makes everyone go crazy. I would totally understand if they were calling for this storm to last about 4 days, but it's really only supposed to last one. Of course I can't complain because I work for a school system... and you know what that means, no work! I am just so confused on why people go out and buy bread and milk. Do people sit around and eat bread and drink milk?? I had to run to target to get one ingredient for dinner and pretty much all of the bread and milk was gone- If only I had my camera! I totally understand if you are running out of those two items already, but if you're not....why?? Oh and let me say this again, it's only supposed to last one... maybe two days! I think people can go that long without bread and milk. The only thing I got because of the weather were some bones for Duncan to be occupied with. I also heard someone ask, "Where are the flashlights? I know a lot of them were sold out at other stores." Really?? I mean I love all of the hype, but sometimes it's a little ridiculous! Something else that is a little annoying is the fact that every county but the ones surrounding metro Atlanta are closed. Seriously, I have never seen so many school closings before! I know Fulton will be closed, but why wait so long to let us know? Welp, I'm gonna cook dinner, head on up to the rents, and hopefully enjoy the snow that they are calling for! Over n' out... or is over 'n out?! Oh well!

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  1. Read your post again. Kinda funny right?! Never expected THIS winter storm, did we? Now we're actually wishing it would all go away! HA!