Monday, December 13, 2010


Warning: This post might contain details you would rather not know. Read at your own risk.

This is the first time I have turned to my blog to make me feel better, vent, and just type. Like I have told you all before, Duncan has gotten himself into crazy things in his short 9 months of life. People say that I need to be more careful of what I do with Duncan like I haven't already thought that myself. It's really hard to fix a mistake when you don't even know you are making one. About a week ago when I got back from a weekend at my parents' house, Duncan wandered into my room. Well, this is not unusual as he does this all the time! However, when he came out of my room licking his chops I knew he had just eaten something. I went in and checked in my overnight bag that I had just casually put on the floor and realized something was missing. This item had been eaten by a living vacuum. Once again, this was a week ago. I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas concert and a delicious dinner last night with my mom. When I got home I fed Duncan. He ate his food pretty slowly, so this was the first red flag. After I "tucked" him into bed (aka put him in his crate), I fell asleep. I woke up at about 1:30 to a sick Duncan. I was up until 2:00 while Duncan proceded to vomit up 3 socks. I knew he did not feel well at all so I let him cuddle with me on my bed. The slumber lasted a whole hour before I got woken up again with Duncan hacking up ANOTHER sock!! Turns out- he can lift up the top of the hamper with his nose and pull out items as he pleases. So, for the next 45 minutes I am doing some serious cleaning. I fall back asleep at 4:00...what time does my alarm go off? 5:30!! I barely remember the first half of my day because I was so tired. Did I seriously teach a class? That's scary! I get home from work and notice there is more throw up in his crate....awesome! I take him outside and everything is normal out there. When I get back inside I give Duncan some water and he drinks a TON of it. Then... he threw up a TON of it! He continued to vomit everything that entered his mouth for the next 30 minutes. I knew he needed to go to the doggie ER immediately! Keep in mind- this "item" that he had eaten a week ago as yet to surface. I drive erratically to a wonderful emergency animal hospital and await the results. Turns out this "item" has moved beyond Duncan's stomach. I am hoping and praying and keeping my fingers crossed that he can pass it tomorrow. If he can'! So, it's 8:45 on Monday and I am so lonely without my Duncan! I HATE being home without him here. I know that he is getting everything he needs to stay healthy, but it is so sad to sit here and not have a little baby curled up next to me. Of course, I'm also blaming myself for him eating the "item." I will definitely NOT be going into work tomorrow. I don't exactly want to be sitting in front of a class of students when I get a phone call that Duncan needs surgery. I will keep everyone updated. Thank you so much for following this post!

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