Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thank you, Fulton County. Not really...

I know I can't REALLY complain, because I get more days off than most people, but Fulton County thought it would be a fabulous idea to change the calendar this year. Usually, my last day would have been this past Friday (12/17), but this year my last day is Wednesday!! I mean come on, that is just ridiculous on so many levels! A.) A ton of students are going to be absent B.) If teachers were to travel they wouldn't be able to until the 23- which is probably the busiest day to travel and C.) When do I do my Christmas shopping?! I avoid the malls, at all cost, on the weekends; it's pretty much my worst nightmare. But, like I said I shouldn't really be complaining because I don't go back until January 4th. I am just not used to getting such a "short" break. Also, this year has been sooooo crazy and busy that I could really use a full two weeks off. It is going to go by way too fast I can already tell. Next semester is going to be even crazier, and the time between MLK holiday and Spring Break is a VERY large stretch of time without a break. I will just need to savor every single day that I have off. On a more positive note- I get to wear jeans everyday to work this week- woohoo! :) Only three. more. days. I CAN do this!!

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