Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Duncan, a Great Dane?? NO Way!!

Duncan sure is a unique boxer! Like I said in my previous post, I spend a lot of my weekend time at the dog park. I have had two people ask me if Duncan is a Great Dane. Ok, have either of those people ever seen a Great Dane? You don't have to be a dog breed expert to know that Boxers do not look anything like those massive breeds! Maybe they are just looking at a few of Duncan's features and automatically assuming that there is no way he is a Boxer. Let's start with Dunk's ears; they are so adorably massive that they are flipped back, or inside out, half of the time. The cute thing about it is he acts like nothing is different about him. We all know that Great Danes have really cute, large floppy ears, so I could see where people could mistake him for this breed just by looking at his ears. Next, there is the extremely cute under bite! Sometimes his "upper lip" gets caught on his bottom teeth; Great Danes have a long snout; therefore, no under bite...Boxers don't really have a snout at all! Now to Duncan's legs; they really do resemble that of a Great Dane. Duncan's are so long that he still runs a little bit funny! Last, but certainly not least is Duncan's tail. One reason why I love Boxers so much is because of their little nub, and how their whole butt wiggles when they wag their tails. However, Duncan's tail is unusually long for a docked tail (but not as long as a Great Dane's). His long nub definitely makes him the most unique Boxer I know! One very positive aspect about his tail is that it actually wags... and really fast! I have provided a picture for each of his special features. This will also show how much Duncan DOES NOT resemble a Great Dane! All of these features make up the cutest Boxer I have ever seen!!
Inside out ears!
Under bite!
Look at those legs!

His long "nub!"

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