Monday, December 6, 2010


I know I talked about it in my post yesterday, but the chilly weather deserves its own post! I have the heat set on about 71 degrees in the my apartment, and I am STILL cold in here! I don't notice that it is actually warm in my apartment until I step outside. Just because it is miserably cold outside, does not mean 8-month-old Duncan doesn't need exercise. I went to Target after work to get a couple things before heading home. One of the items I purchased were some gloves; Target has two pairs of regular old gloves for just $1.50! That is my kind of price! I have a set routine when I get off work; I come home, take Dunk out of his crate and head right outside for him to use the bathroom. After that I bring him back inside so he can eat and I can change out of my work clothes. Today wasn't any different, other than the ridiculously windy, cold weather! I put on my workout pants, a long sleeve shirt, and then a long sleeve shirt/hoodie over the top, some ear warmers, and a pair of the gloves I bought. I knew I was going to be running a little bit, so I figured that the double layers would be plenty! About a mile into the two mile walk/run, I about had it! I wasn't THAT cold, but the wind just got on my nerves. Needless to say, I might have to be selfish for the rest of this week winter, and take him on shorter walks! Sorry Duncan...actually I should be saying sorry to myself, because a boxer that hasn't had enough exercise is not exactly fun to be around! Hmmm... we'll see how long his "shorter" walks actually last! Oh yeah, one more thing- I feel really bad complaining about the weather when my best friend lives in Rapid City, South Dakota! I can't complain about the 29 degree weather right now when she has already experienced six inches of snow!! Love you Amanda! :)

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  1. Hahaha, Katie you don't know what COLD is:) My car says -2 when I drive home from work sometimes! I love you too, and miss you!