Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I have been slacking a little bit on my blog! I always think of really good post ideas throughout the week, yet I never get on to update everyone...sorry! I have also thought about the idea of just posting everything on Sunday, but then I have found that my posts get too long! I think I will just try to update it when an idea comes to me! Last Sunday, my mom and I went to Harry's Farmer's Market, so I could buy a mini Christmas tree. I had such a good time decorating it; I put on some Christmas music, cracked open a beer, and began assembling the decorations for the tree. It is the most perfect size and Duncan can't get to it (a double bonus)! Something I am not enjoying so much this holiday season is the weather! Wow, is it cold!! I spent a good portion of my weekend at the dog park to get Dunk's energy out and I could barely stand it, especially today! I always used to get so annoyed when it was about 60 in December, but now I am thinking I like that better than a high of 38! Of course, then I couldn't sit by the fire at my parents' house if it was 60 degrees. Note: Even if it is 60 degrees out and you still want a fire...don't have one. We did that two Christmas Eves ago and the fire department came to our house because there was smoke in the basement (the cause:  it was too warm out and the smoke from the fireplace in the den was coming out of the fireplace in the basement back into the house). Ok, here I go again, rambling on about nonsense! I absolutely LOVE this time of year, despite the cold. I love the smells, the sight of snow(if it happens) and the overall comforting feeling of having friends and family together. I have put a few decorations up to make it feel cozy and Christmas-like in my apartment. I even have a holiday collar for Duncan! 

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  1. Ohhh, I LOVE that wreath! And the new wintry blog, of course!